Boston's Best Steakhouse
Serving only 35-day aged prime CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF

UMBRIA PRIME, Frank DePasquale’s steakhouse, is situated in the heart of Boston’s Financial District just steps away from the waterfront.

This classic steakhouse features exclusively corn and grass-fed, 35-day dry-aged prime CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF that's seared and finished in a 1,200 degree brick oven leaving the perfect char. Besides the beef, there's an extensive menu of other items that include inventive appetizers, artisan Umbrian pastas, fresh seafood, chops and hearty side dishes. For a finale, we offer an assortment of exquisite homemade desserts. Come, taste and find out why UMBRIA PRIME has already taken its place among America's finest steakhouses.

UMBRIA PRIME's kitchen is under the direction of Executive Chef GIANNI CARUSO, with whom DePasquale introduced eleven different a la carte steaks and chops, eight authentic Umbrian pastas, fresh seafood and traditional side dishes, in true American steakhouse tradition.


Certified Angus Beef cattle are traceable to place of birth, minimally processed without added ingredients. Each of UMBRIA PRIME'S steaks has a history that begins long before its trip from ranch to restaurant and onto your plate. It's a 760-day journey that involves natural grasslands, efficient use of feedstuffs and dedicated cattleman and women. The Certified Angus brand is the only brand owned by the American Angus Association and its 35,000 rancher members. It's the original Angus brand, and a symbol of excellence to consumers at more than 14,000 businesses in 39 countries.

The most important factor in Certified Angus Beef is easy to spot -- marbling. Marbling is the little white flecks in beef, and is key to flavor. The higher the amount of marbling, the higher the quality of beef, and the Certified Angus Beef at UMBRIA PRIME is incredibly flavorful, tender and juicy because of the high amounts of marbling in every cut.